Open Monday-Friday 8am-12:30pm, Saturday and Sunday 7:30am-2pm.

Great spot in the middle of town for recharging

We stopped for brunch (well not really, but I had breakfast) it was an off season Saturday when we arrived around 1:30 Pm. there was ample seating with no waiting. the staff was very attentive and we had beverages and they were right there when we wanted to order.

All three of us were very satisfied with our meals and the portion sizes. (the girls had leftovers at the end of the meal) A word of warning, before ordering a slice of deep dish pie, make sure you are still hungry or plan to share. They are really deep.

Reasonably priced and well decorated / themed. they focus on the family and its history that brought them to finally settle in Calistoga. The fact that I noticed that bit of history speaks to the skill at which the appointed the atmosphere.

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